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 The Great Outdoors
   Charlemont,  MA      Call us at: 413-339-8373
The Great Outdoors location offers river side parking and the only official shuttle service on the upper Deerfield River. This service is available to those who buy or rent tubes from The Great Outdoors. On slower days or if the shuttle is not busy we can accommodate anyone who needs a ride up.

Customers park at The Great Outdoors, located directly on the Mohawk Trail and Deerfield river. Tubers are transported up the River to the "put-in" at the Zoar picnic area about an 8 minute drive and then it's time for your fun-filled trip back down the river at your own pace. The trip consists of a series of class 1 and 2 rapids and many slow, open areas for relaxing. 
     The return trip is an approximate 2 1/2 hour ride down the river to the "take-out" area at The Great Outdoors called "Flag Pole Point".
So basically you come to The Great Outdoors, we shuttle or direct you to the zoar-picnic area (A.K.A. "put-in") and then you float right back down to us where your car is.  Very convenient! 

Important Shuttle Information

Water is released from the Fife Brook Dam way upstream.  It takes an average of two hours for the water to travel from the Dam to the "put-in". As an example, if the water is released from the dam at ten A.M, the water will not reach the "put-in" area until two hours later, or twelve o'clock.  So you would not want to hop in the river before that time, We do recommend that you come early...... and this is why.
     The "put-in" is right on the river and is a really nice and open place with picnic tables and a relaxing spot in general to wait for the water.  So instead of waiting for the shuttle to take you up when we are busy, one can arrive early bring/order some food etc. and catch the shuttle before it gets busy.  Then just relax by the river/put-in and wait for the flow to come through and just hop on the water and go.
 -Over the past years has been a very popular option for our friends that come tubing with us at The Great Outdoors!

 -River flow below 650 C.F.S. in our opinion is too slow and shallow for a enjoyable run down the river. 

 -The Parking lot closes by seven....everyone must plan to be off the river and headed out by that time.

 -The water release is limited so it is important not get to stranded up river while the water passes you by.


Pricing: single and double tubes available, keep in mind a double tube would be the same price as renting two single tubes (this is a common confusion we get daily).

Tube rental all inclusive package: $25.00 Per person
  • Premium blue vinyl river tube with neck rest, handles and cup holder
  • Life jacket (strongly encouraged and included in package)
  •  Parking included, normally 5 dollars per car

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Customer parking at The Great Outdoors Charlemont Massachusetts
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