IMPORTANT:  Please read carefully
All river activities have unknown potential dangers.  Please make note of these simple rules to protect you and your family and to enjoy a perfect day of tubing or rafting on the beautiful Deerfield River

Education regarding the "rules of safe river tubing" is an important part of  what the crew at The Great Outdoors does.  Safety Briefing begins when you first arrive and lasts through the shuttle ride up the river to the put in!!  

Click here to Down load Release Form.  Please bring with you.  

  • Never go in or  near the water until you know and accept the risks you are assuming by being on the river.
  • Alcohol is prohibited!  The river is patrolled for your safety.
​     The River is a "Dry Zone"
  • Children under the age of 8 are not allowed on the river through The Great Outdoors.  ages 8 through 12 life jackets are mandatory!
  • No glass is allowed.  Broken glass can be painful on bare feet.
  • If you need to leave the river, always exit to the left because that's that side the road is on.
  • FOOT ENTRAPMENT:  If you fall out of your tube DO NOT stand up in the river.  Your foot may become jammed in the rocks and the current may force your down into the water.  Simply float on your back with feet facing downriver and paddle to the river bank.  

Help Keep the river beautiful.   Do not litter.....VERY IMPORTANT! "lug out what you lug in!! There are many people that live along the river so respect the property of others.

Life vests save lives!
Vests are required for children under 12. If you do not know how to swim or are afraid do not enter the river. There are rapids or strong currents, class 1 and 2 rapids. 
Everyone should strongly consider wearing a life vest, plus they are free with a tube rental.

Additional hints for a great day on the river!

  • If you take a cooler, make sure it is properly secured so items don’t fall out. Never take a Styrofoam cooler floating with you. They break apart and create a mess.
  • Hats and sunglasses are a help as well. You’ll be on the river for a while and the glare can be bad without these items.
  • Carry a dry bag for any items that shouldn’t get wet (car keys, cell phones, cameras, towels, etc…)
  • The river is rocky, consider wearing water shoes or an old pair of shoes. Rocks and stumps can be tough on your feet.
  • Don’t forget the suntan lotion. Being burnt on the river is never fun, especially the days following your trip!
  • Bring a change of dry clothes and towels and leave them in your car. 
  • Tying your tubes together can be a problem. It makes it difficult to maneuver if something is in the way, such as a stump or rock. The ropes also tend to snag on any limbs or debris.
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