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  The Great Outdoors
   Charlemont,  MA      Call us at: 413-339-8373
The Great Outdoors 78 Main Street Charlemont, MA. 01339  

  Monday         10-4
  Tuesday        Closed
  Wednesday   TBA
  Thursday        TBA
  Friday             TBA  
  Saturday         10-4
  Sunday           10-4
Tube Rentals: We offer the Blue series tubes Made by "Tube pro" designed for durability and comfort for your trip down the DeerField River.
Welcome to the Great Outdoors!
Right on the Mohawk Trail (Route 2) In Charlemont Massachusetts. Conveniently located on 6 acres of farmland used for haying right on the Deerfield River.

We do our best to provide all the products and services needed for an exciting, safe and affordable day of tubing on the Deerfield River. 

On both side's of the Great Outdoors we have two excellent restaurants to choose from if you would like to get food before or after your trip: 90 Main  and Berkshire Pizzeria

The key to the success of the great outdoors is very simple. We operate on a first come first serve basis, no reservations. Almost all places in the area are reservation only and by the time you actually decide to come out on the river everyone else is fully booked. 

This allows us to accommodate anyone and everyone who rolls into town looking for some fun in the sun on the river.  

We will always have plenty of tube's for sale and for rent.  Our shuttle Service on busy days can get backed up and there may be a wait.  There are many other options for transportation that we can help you with if you arrive during those busy times and don't want to wait.

Our phone number for the Great outdoors is also my home number (Chris Carcio) so call me with any questions or concerns you might have. I do ask that you please read through the website before calling.

To make your experience complete and safe on the river The Great Outdoors carries a variety of tubing acccesories and gear!

-tubes, rafts, floating coolers, life vests, sunscreen, waterproof bags, rope, paddles and many other items you may need for your day on the river. 

    Make the trip and come on out, trust me you'll be happy you did.  Looking forward to seeing all our return customers and meeting new ones, This is going to be a great season!

-Chris Carcio   (Owner/Operator)  
​                      carciochris@gmail.com


-Listed hours of store operation are the hours the retail store is open, tubing hours vary each day and we have no control over them.  Hours of operation may vary due to weather and water release. 
 Actual times that you can put in on the river are dependent on the water releases. Please check before coming out that there is a good water flow and the best time to arrive.  ​Click here to check daily schedule.  

An amazing season of tubing and fun on the river is underway at The Great Outdoors! Our Facebook page is loaded with pictures and videos of great summer fun on the river!!! Visit The Great Outdoors for an unforgettable summer experience!!! 
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Tube rentals: 
$20.00 per person. We offer single and double tubes, A double tube would be the same as renting two single tubes. 

Package Includes:
-Head rest, Cup Holder, Durable, with handles.
-On the river (5 dollars normally)
Life Jacket: 
(10 dollars normally to rent)

Shuttle Service
-Five dollars per person, not included in package.